Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nie Nie Recovery--Spreading the Word

Over the past week, I've been reading about all of the fundraising efforts that have been going on to help Christian and Stephanie Nielson who were in a terrible plane crash. The parents of 4 small children, Stephanie and Christian both suffered terrible burns and are now facing months of recovery. (to read more about Stephanie, go here).

I don't know the family, but I've been so amazed at the generosity of the blogosphere.
Design Mom has organized silent auctions, and at last count there were over 300 silent auctions to raise money. See them here

Jonathan Canlas
has just announced an awesome fundraiser that he will be doing during the month of September. Check it out!

Those who wish to donate directly can go here.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Heather at Log Haven

I loved Heather's classic Black, Red and White color scheme! We used a mix of different color red roses, gerbera daisies, crocosmia and dahlias for the bouquets. The centerpieces were alternating tables with floating white roses or floating dahlias, and taller white lilies and taller dahlias. On top of the black runners, we sprinkled pearl beads. All of the vases had black rocks in the bottom. Simple and classy!